Since we are just starting we are trying to fit in as many new authors as possible.  Prices and rules are changing!  The information provided does not reflect payments already made to the participants of Issue #1 December 2013.  Submissions need to be in Microsoft or PDF format.  Accepted authors receive a free digital copy unless we meet our goal and then authors would be eligible to choose a print version.

Our first edition will be released on Friday, December 13, 2013.  We accept Micro Fiction (100 words or less), Flash Fiction, (up to 1,000 words) and short stories (7,500 words or less)  in the fiction category.  We also accept articles, movie reviews, and arts.

All items submitted as of Dec 1st for anthologies or subsequent magazine issues have to be original works written for Blood Reign at the time of acceptance.  Author retains all rights to their work so after acceptance they are free to submit their work to other places.  The prices for the magazine will remain the same.  $5 for micro, $10 for flash, and $20 for short stories no matter the notoriety of the author.  We apologize but we simply cannot afford pro rates at this time.  Due to the overwhelming response for submissions we will only have room for one item per author on any item longer than Microfiction.

We are increasing payment for the anthology to $25 for short stories.  Longer flash above 800 words is eligible for acceptance at a rate of $20.  This will be in both print and digital format.  We are currently running a fundly so that we can offer a print copy to each author accepted and to buy a trophy for the author selected as our “Best in Short Fiction” Award.  Fundly’s lowest level for monetary support is $10 but you can ‘share the link’ for our fundraiser for free to social media platforms.  The link for our fundly is and we have prizes starting at a free personalized Booster Pen.  If the $10 is to much for you then you can send as little as a $1 to our Paypal with the notation “Anthology.”

  1. Do you accept previously published works?

  2. I can’t seem to make the conversion from my Word document to pdf. Do you accept Word documents at all?

  3. Never mind…I think I got it to work. Will send it.

  4. Are you still accepting submissions?

  5. Thank you! I will submit for January today!

  6. Hello! i submitted a story to you. Did you receive it?

  7. Do you accept dark poetry?

  8. What font style, size, and spacing do you prefer for submissions?

  9. Hello i have recently sent a submission, have you recived it?

  10. Sorry! Had to withdraw my story.

  11. I note that Issue 1 will accept previously published works … does that apply for subsequent issues? And would you consider, for example, work that has appeared on a blog to be previously published?

  12. I recently had a flash fiction piece published in the December issue of Sanitarium Magazine. It can’t be re-published for 90 days. Would you be interested in previously published works anytime soon? Thanks!

  13. I read that you aren’t accepting previously published stories after your December issue, I was wondering if this also applies to stories that have been published only in languages other than English. Specifically, would a story that appeared on a blog in Italian language be accepted?

  14. Collie James

    I had a poem and short story accepted for publication in the magazine. The poem was published in February. After several attempts at contact, I still have not received payment, nor a response to my inquiries over the past several months.

  15. I hear that story can’r be more then 1,000 words that’s said I had a story for you 2.500 words

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